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Videotel is not only the leading manufacturer of industrial digital media players and interactive digital signage solutions, we are also consumers. Nothing frustrates our team more than trying to call for technical support when we need it. The typical scenario is that you call a number and you are dumped into this mile-long automated phone system. After pressing a dozen buttons you are put on hold. When someone finally answers they realize they can't help you are transferred to another level of support. After 20 minutes on the phone, you are totally frustrated and vow to never call again.

You will be pleased to know that's not us! At Videotel we encourage you to pick up the phone, dial our number, press an extension and we will help you immediately. It doesn’t matter what our role, we will take your call and answer your questions. And yes, even our CEO looks forward to talking with you.



Mark Schneider - CEO - Videotel Digital

Mark Schneider

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Mark Schneider joined Videotel, Inc. in 1991 as the Director of Operations. Mark was not only instrumental as the driving force behind the growth of the company but also instrumental in the development of Videotel’s product line. Mark became Co-Owner of Videotel in 2006 and appointed Chief Executive Officer. Mark is passionate about niche hardware growth and has been at the forefront of audio and video development for over 20 years, at both the executive and senior management level.

Mark is grateful to have experience existing in the deep trenches of Videotel since the early 1990s and understands all facets of what it takes to run a long-term successful business.

As CEO, Mark is leading Videotel’s transformation to become a world-class niche digital signage company which not only dominates the mainstream solid-state digital signage player market but is also expanding its reach into both the low-end and higher-end digital signage markets to ensure that Videotel offers reliable and cost-effective solutions for any size organization.


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