5 Reasons Why Restaurants Should Use a Digital Menu Board

Digital Menu BoardReason 1: Visual Appeal
The first thing A customer notices when they walk into the restaurant and look in for a bit is the menu. If the only way a customer can look at their food choices is through an non-interactive piece of paper put in a plastic sleeve, it forces them to take the time to look at all the options before they pick an order. For the restaurant, this might mean a build up of customers during lunch or dinner time. However if the specified restaurant has a digital menu, they can easily distinguish the categories from one another, and find exactly what they're looking for. Not only can a patron read what they can eat, but they can also SEE what they are ordering in high definition. As a consumer when I see something on a digital menu that looks delicious it will make me crave that dish and will most likely end up with me ordering that item. As an establishment, having a digital menu will also make your restaurant look more professional. Paper menus are quickly becoming outdated as the era of digital is quickly approaching.

Reason 2: Cost efficiently
Depending on the size of your restaurant, the price of hard copy professional menus can rack up quite the bill. Regardless of the size of your establishment you'll need a large amount of individual menus. Which, unless you have graphics design experience of your own, need to pay for a design. Then after the design payment, you'll need numbers of printed paper copies. Which, of course, will need protective covering to prevent from any curios crayons marking your page. When the menus do get dirty (which they inevitably will), you'll need to put in more money for cleaning supplies or new copies all together. However with a digital menu, there is little to no cleaning maintenance and absolutely no rouge crayons. You'll have no need to purchase protective covers and cleaning supplies. Comparing the price of the upfront and ongoing payments of a paper menu vs the digital menu, which can be obtained using our player for a single payment of $448 plus the price of a tv display, the digital menu wins 100% of the time.

Reason 3: Convenient Updates
Updating your paper menu can also prove to be not only difficult and expensive, but also inconvenient. Say you are all sold out of your famous french fries, how long would it take to take every menu and mark all the french fries with a “SOLD OUT!” Now compare that time to the time it would take to update one webpage, connected to ALL of your menus simultaneously. The difference is immeasurable. The added benefit of being able to instantly change up the menu maximizes convenience and minimizes consumer confusion. No one wants to get their hopes up for a specific item on a menu only to be told that it is actually not available. Reducing that frustration of your customers creates a positive reputation for your restaurant.
Reason 4: Easy Outdoor pull effect
As a consumer, having to go into a restaurant, then having to wait for someone to assist them just so that they can look at what they might order from the place, is quite a frustrating scenario. However if a consumer can blatantly see all that your restaurant has to offer on the outside, it will draw them in to see what I could order for a meal. If the outdoor menu has photos that clearly show what i'll be paying for, that is a sure way to draw a customer into your restaurant to buy what they wanted before they even took one step through the door. Having an outdoor menu will cause more people to look into dining at the establishment than ever before.
Reason 5: Advertising Your Specials
If your restaurant recently added a new dish to your menu, there is the very large difficulty of having to print a whole new set of menus just for the new dish. However, for a digital display, not only is it priceless, but it's also easy and more visually appealing to display. On a paper menu, the advertising of a special can only be done through a limited number of ways. Some of these include things such as highlighted text, stars, arrows and other minimalistic methods. On a digital menu the opportunities for eye candy advertisements is much more expanded. Digital displays are capable of things like animation, easy to read in your face text, or easy to navigate specialty menus. What about instead of food you wanted to display an upcoming event at your restaurant. This can be easily achieved through the digital display. However, for the paper menu, not so much. It would be extremely difficult to accurately and efficiently display the premicies of your event. For a digital display, it is able to advertise and entertain efficiently while also achieving its goal of being your dream menu.