Videotel Digital Reports Tremendous Success in the Healthcare Space from Reseller, Pacific Video Products Inc.

SAN DIEGO, March 3, 2020

HD2600XD+ Industrial Looping DVD Player
Already a standout in the Videotel Digital product line, the HD2600XD+ Industrial Grade Looping DVD Player proves invaluable for another one of the company’s resellers. The product, due in part to its specific UL approvals for use in hospitals and healthcare facilities, has quickly become a favorite for Pacific Video Products Inc. Both medical grade and healthcare grade, the product automatically powers on, auto-plays, and seamlessly auto loops content without manual interaction. Designed for 24/7 use, it will almost think for its users. It will do things like automatically bypass menus and previews on mainstream DVD movies and autoplay multiple titles. In the event of a power loss and power is resumed, the unit will automatically power back on, and begin to auto seamlessly loop the DVD. Even the volume settings are saved after the power loss. The Annex Q compliant DVD player is an easy choice according to an adept reseller that’s been in business for over forty years.

“We are a system integrator servicing the Orange County, Los Angeles, and Riverside, California areas. We have spent years struggling to find products certified for installation into the healthcare environment only to have to deal with the disappointment of high failure rates," said Tina Vink, Manager of Sales & Operations at Pacific Video Products Inc. We are so excited to be able to offer Videotel products. We specify the HD 2600XD+ for our healthcare facilities in a variety of applications including, waiting areas, training rooms, infusion centers, etc. We have been very pleased with the reliability of this product, and the ease of installation. Lisa Schneider and her team at Videotel Digital have provided great customer service and we will continue to expand our use of their solutions.”

Lisa Schneider, Videotel Digital’s VP of Marketing & Sales, responded, “When we see a company that is one of the largest suppliers of professional video equipment in their region, able to improve healthcare facilities and the patient experience, because of the resale of our products, we’re encouraged to continue to flood the marketplace with superior equipment. Our partnership with Pacific Video Products Inc. is a great example of what a company can do with digital signage products and solutions that we have full confidence in.”

About Videotel Digital:
Videotel Digital is a leading manufacturer of industrial grade digital signage media players, industrial grade looping DVD players, touch and touchless interactive digital signage solutions, and directional sound speakers. The marketplace leader services numerous industries, such as retail, healthcare, hospitality, restaurants, trade shows & events, banks, places of worship, museums, corporate facilities, education, government agencies and others. 

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